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Twicher is a service for co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you having for lunch?

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Lunchbox Ideas

dota(1) +1, (0) +1, alspdapkl'ds(0) +1, blowek(0) +1, minecraftblow(0) +1, @vanila_ponnie(1) +1, â(0) +1, qqq(1) +1, chicken curry(2) +1, Subway Cheese(2) +1, poop(1) +1, The Meat Locker(4) +1, My Thai(2) +1, iim(1) +1, mamaliga(7) +1, mamaliga(4) +1, (0) +1, rap songs(3) +1, Chi Chi's Pizza(10) +1,

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Twicher was written by Gal Ratner for my office. Want one for yours? Download the code here